SEED Speaks: Final Debate

During our 4th and last debate session, 2 groups debated on the issue of polygamy. The judges (SEED tutors Mr. Ndao, Mr. Ndiaye and Coach Idy Cissoko) had the chance to ask questions and give their feedback. The debate included 10 minutes of cross-debating (which could have continued all night since both teams were very passionate about the topic :) and questions from the public. Students discussed religion, law, tradition and cited examples from their communities. The grand prize winners were members of the group that argued in favor of polygamy.

Since the debate took place during the Hoop Forum, campers also had a chance to participate. Although this was the last debate for the SEED Speaks workshop series, we look forward to continuing our partnership with students from Sup De Co and other schools and universities to help our kids keep practicing their public speaking skills. They have grown tremendously. Those who were once shy and had difficulty expressing themselves, can now talk confidently and convincingly. We want to continue to empower them to express themselves freely and clearly. SEED is grateful to H.O.P.E for Senegal for their support.