SEED Speaks Debate 3 & SEED Gives

During our 3rd session, the semi-finals, 4 groups debated on: women in leadership positions and media censorship. The judges (SEED tutors Mr. Diop, Mr. Ndiaye and Mr Ndao) had the chance to ask questions and give their feedback. This time around, the debate included 5 minutes of cross-debating and questions from the public. 2 winning teams were selected. It was exciting to see how the students’ passion for the topics grew. They defended their stance and points of view with statistics and specific examples. Students who had already been disqualified were encouraged to keep participating in the sessions to learn and ask their counterparts questions. We were pleasantly surprised to see that almost all the original participants showed up.

Everyone had a chance to win prizes by asking groups good questions and answering questions from us (What is SEED’s mission and values? for example). Who will walk away with the grand prize? We’ll soon find out.

The next day, during SEED’s 2nd annual Pout SEED RISE Camp organized by SEED Alumni Mactar Mbodj and Mamadou Thia Diop, SEED Girls had a chance to give back by presenting public speaking tips to youth. Using what they learned from communications and etiquette sessions, they taught youth what to do and things to avoid when presenting in public. One of SEED's core values is "Giving Back". We are happy to have been able to do so in such a big way.