Our programs are designed to increase school retention and graduation rates, while providing underserved youth new educational and leadership development experiences.  We seek to create impact on multiple levels: local, community and country.

  • Local:  Our primary demographics are students (grades K-University) and out-of-school youth. For young people that are engaged in school, we ensure their year-to-year success; and for students not in school, we provide alternative learning experiences and seek to support re-enrollment in school when possible. We also work closely with our participant's parents so they are knowledgeable about our program model and help reinforce our core values.  Lastly, we train and hire youth basketball coaches to implement our life skills curriculum which promotes civic engagement among youth. 
  • Community:  Our programs position our young people to be leaders within their communities.  We provide opportunities for our students to plan and host community give-back events (i.e. trash recycling awareness, basketball clinics, computer programming, etc.).  We also partner with local schools throughout the year to offer SEED Rise after-school programming for students, and schedule friendly matches between school clubs.
  • Country:  Ultimately, we are preparing our young people to be their country's future leaders.  We believe that the countries we serve must be developed from within, and our programs give students the confidence they need to dream big, and the tools they need to make them come true.



  • 92% program success rate:  92% of our graduates have either matriculated to university or secured a job upon leaving the program.
  • $7M earned in scholarship funding:  Since our first student matriculated to university in 2006, our students have earned $7M in scholarship funding to attend high schools and universities in Africa, Europe and the United States.
  • 94% BAC pass rate:  94% of our graduates have passed the BAC, the national high school exit exam.  Just 35% of the country passes the test.
  • 83% BFEM pass rate:  83% of our graduates have passed the BFEM, the national middle school exit exam.  Just 49% of the country passes the test.


  • 58 U.S. college basketball student-athletes:  Since our first student, Mohammed Faye, signed with Georgia Tech in 2006, we've had 58 graduates play U.S. college basketball.
  • 6 NBA or NBDL players:  We've had 6 graduates play in NBA affiliated leagues, including Gorgui Dieng (Minnesota, 2013-Current), Saer Sene (Seattle, 2006), Mouhammad Faye, Assane Sene, Moussa Seck, Youssou Ndoye.
  • 31 professional players:  We've had 31 graduates play professional basketball in 16 different countries.
  • 352 trained coaches:  We've trained 352 coaches from West Africa in our life skills basketball curriculum.


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