At SEED, we understand that young women often do not have access to quality sports programming as their male counterparts, and are frequently not encouraged from a young age to achieve the same student-athlete goals as boys.  To further our commitment to young women and the education of our male students of the importance of gender equality, we launched a Women's Empowerment department for our students, staff and families.

The primary objective of the program is to provide our girls with a supportive environment where they can build life skills, develop their voices and express their opinions freely. The program includes a series of leadership workshops across the school year and summer for our young women, as well as opportunities for our male students to participate and support their female peers.  

We also perform comprehensive gender equality-specific Monitoring & Evaluation techinques for our students, coaches and parents to measure their gender attitude development from the start of the program year to the end.  Please see this report for both qualitative and quantitative data as it relates to gender equality.



Produced and directed by Nigerian artist, Folasade Adeoso, Picture us Ballin’ explores the intersection of women, sport and culture in Africa. All 20 SEED Girls worked together to style a photoshoot, design clothes, scout locations and produce powerful images that represent how they want to be seen. Please visit our online gallery for a full collection of images from this campaign.


#iamthecode hackathon

Our SEED Girls were invited by #iamtheCODE, an NGO focused on increasing girl’s access to technology, to participate in a coding workshop.  We are currently working on an MOU to develop this partnership and provide more girls with access to technology programming


H.O.P.E. (Helping other people everywhere)

In partnership with non-profit, H.O.P.E., we provided four workshops for our SEED Girls.  Topics included:  Leadership & Entrepreneurship, Violence Against Women, Women’xSexual Health, Self-Acceptance.