Africa is home to the youngest population in the world

200M people between 15 and 24


Too often, these girls are not provided the same pathway to success as their male counterparts.  

In Senegal, girls are less likely to attend school, more likely to drop out to tend to household chores or prepare for marriage, and rarely encouraged to re-enroll (UNESCO). 


in partnership with nba champion, boris diaw, We created SEED Girls in 2014 to provide a new learning environment for young women, and to develop leaders who will be the role models for future generations.  


Located in Thies, Senegal, SEED Girls is the premier student-athlete Academy for young women in Africa.  Up to 20 middle and high school students receive an intensive student-athlete experience.  Through an innovative academic curriculum, elite athletic training, and a safe environment to explore their full potential, we ensure that our girls have the confidence to dream big, and the skills to make those dreams come true.

Without much say in the matter, African women are often portrayed as stay-at-home parents or fruit sellers.  

So, we decided to ask our SEED Girls how they wanted to be seen.


Produced and directed by Folasade Adeoso, a Nigerian-born social media influencer and artist, Picture Us Ballin’ explores the intersection of women, sport and culture in Senegal.  The project required teamwork and strong communication from all 20 girls and coaches, as they each played a role in the creative process -- art directors, stylists, locations scouts, designers and models. 
Through the images created, our girls are exploring what they see in themselves and defining how they want to be seen.

We believe their potential is unlimited.

Seedgirls-empowerment-shoot-folasade (8 of 60).jpg



The SEED Project is a 501(c)3 non-profit and relies on the generous support of donors to run our programs.  Each year we reach more than 10,000 students in Senegal and The Gambia with academic enrichment programs, basketball training and leadership development.  

Please consider making a tax deductible donation today, or purchase a High Res Print from Picture Us Ballin' to support our SEED Girls.  Please use the below form if you are interested in purchasing a print or providing a full scholarship for a SEED Girl.


  • $25 // Provides textbooks and school supplies 
  • $50 // Supports an after-school tutor for one month
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  • $2,500 // Provides a full scholarship for a SEED Girl
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