SEED Speaks: Debate Club

For or Against? That is the Question...

As part of the SEED Speaks series, we wanted to make sure that the students had a platform to practice everything they learned in their communications and etiquette sessions. It is not only a way for them to learn by doing, but it’s also an opportunity for us to track their progress.

Our introductory session took place on March 25th. We welcomed 8 students from Sup De Co, a reputable school in Thies and Dakar. Some of the students had met the group previously at an OSIWA event. We were impressed with their presentation skills and thought it would be a great idea to invite them to take part in the 4-part debate series. We made sure each of our groups were composed of SEED students as well as at least one student from Sup De Co, so that they could learn from and be guided by more experienced students. During the 1st session, we introduced ourselves, broke into groups, went over debate rules and what they would be judged on, met the judges (2 SEED Tutors: Mr. Diop & Mr. Ndiaye, and our very own M&E Manager, Baye Maguette Seye), randomly assigned debate topics for the following session, and answered student questions.    

Our 2nd session took place on April 12th. The students had plenty of time to work with their groups on 3 different topics: the death penalty, social media for minors and cell phone usage in schools. All 6 groups debated; each group member participating in the discussion. The judges were then allowed to ask questions. After grading and tallying points, 3 winning teams were selected (1 for each topic, either debating for or against). We added a 4th group with the highest score so that 4 groups could debate in the upcoming session. The grand prize winner was Group 1, which argued against the use of social media for minors (They received Orange phone credits as their prize. Everyone is now eager to win the next round :). Students learned a lot and tutors commended SEED’s efforts, stating that it was not only an interesting and engaging initiative, but it was also helping prepare students for their oral exams in school.

Next week will be the semi-finale. Topics will focus on censure in the media and women in leadership positions. 2 groups will move onto the finals. Who will make the cut? Stay tuned to find out!

Dans le cadre de la série d’ateliers « SEED Speaks », nous voulions nous assurer que les élèves avaient une plateforme pour pratiquer tout ce qu'ils ont appris lors de leurs sessions de communication et d'étiquette. Ce n'est pas seulement un moyen pour eux d'apprendre en appliquant, mais c'est aussi l'occasion pour nous de suivre leurs progrès.