SEED Speaks: Learn the Art of Public Speaking Part III

Kader Camara Talks Personal Development & Etiquette

Passionate about teaching personal development, leadership and entrepreneurship, Kader Camara helps individuals find their motivation and works with organizations to define their mission and values. Author of a book on entrepreneurship called “Entrepreneuriat, le guide complet (Harmattan)”, his articles often appear in the magazine REUSSIR.

During the 2-hour session on etiquette, he helped SEED students think about how to structure their ideas, dig deep to find out who they truly are, and where their beliefs stem from. Camara talked about what influences our attitudes and most importantly how to develop a positive one (hint: start by being grateful for what you have). This led to a discussion about the importance of having good manners: being punctual, proper etiquette at dinner…

Perhaps the most telling moment of the session was when one of our young women spoke up at the end of the session and thanked the speaker for what he had just taught them. She explained that the Elite Girls group was increasingly being exposed to different opportunities, which meant they’ve had to adapt in different public settings. She said that whereas before, they were surely being judged by their counterparts for the way they carried themselves (especially at the table during lunches), she was now more confident with the new tools she had learned: “Now that we know these things, we can do better”. That is precisely why we believe this workshop series will have a positive impact on all our kids.