SEED Speaks: Learn the Art of Public Speaking Part IV

SEED Alum, Cheikh Sy Gives Back

For our last session of SEED Speaks (our 3rd communications session), we invited SEED alum and owner of Eme Designs, Cheikh Sy.

He not only talked to the kids about public speaking, he also stressed the importance of knowing oneself, thinking about the future and constantly pushing yourself to be better, having a realistic view and making the best of what you have now.
Cheikh gave the kids a lot to ponder: Who they are outside SEED? Do they deserve what they have? What are they doing to seize big and small opportunities that come their way? He talked about using your peers as mirrors and using their feedback to help improve yourself or recognize talents you didn’t know you had.

Cheikh’s old coach, Idy Cissoko, gave closing remarks sharing a few anecdotes about him and commending him for the man he has become today. The main message: you don’t have to be a basketball player to succeed in life.

With 3 communications session, an etiquette class, a 4- part debate club and a day of giving back to the community, SEED Speaks project has come to an end. It is now up to us to continue to work with the kids and give them the opportunity to keep practicing what they learned throughout the course of this project.