SEED Speaks: Learn the Art of Public Speaking Part I

Gilles Acogny inspires SEED students

SEED in partnership with sponsor H.O.P.E for Senegal launched its first-ever public speaking workshop series on February 25th.  The goal of the project is to help SEED Elite improve their public speaking skills through communications and etiquette classes as well as a 4-session debate club. Our first guest was Gilles Acogny.  

Gilles is a global executive who has held various positions with FTSE 100 and Fortune 100 corporations throughout the world.  The co-founder of Acosphere (a specialty management consultancy company), came to share his expertise in communications with over 70 SEED students, coaches and staff.

During the session, Gilles spoke about what it takes to be a good public speaker; giving students tips on how to deal with nervousness, change their mindsets in order to be more positive and consistent in their efforts, and build confidence.

The exciting 2-hour long session included informative andmotivational videos, hands-on exercises to go over posture or just to unwind and a Q&A at the end. We are confident that this session is just the beginning of a more confident and vocal SEED youth. We hope that SEED students will be encouraged to do their own research, watch talks online, practice and continue to develop their public speaking skills for the future.