SEED Gives: Talibe Day

On Sunday January 29th, SEED GIVES (in partnership with a group called English Challenge), hosted a day of fun activities for the Talibes at the CNEPS center in Thies.

The purpose was to work closely with SEED youth and show them the importance of giving back to their communities and those less fortunate.  

English Challenge is an organization that aims to eradicate poverty and ameliorate the living conditions of Talibes in Dahiraas (a kind of boarding school where children learn the Qur’an).

45 Talibes from two different Daahiras attended the event. The Daara of Serigne Gallass Ndiaye in Medina Fall brought 30 Talibes ages 9-15. And the Daahira of Ndione Ciss brought 15 teenagers.

SEED youth took charge, mentoring children, leading trainings and helping the kids improve their basketball skills. One group even headed to the soccer field to play a few games and show off their talent! The day helped SEED youth work together with the talibes and forge new relationships through games, snacks and fun.

The Day was successful thanks to everybody’s involvement and great teamwork from SEED staff, parents, friends, and youth.

At the end of the day, SEED gave out collected donations to help the Talibes and their smiles were priceless.