SEED Alumni Summer Update

Since we launched our first program, SEED Academy, in 2002, we've supported 105 young men and women from Senegal transition to university or secure a job around the world (a 95% success rate).  Once our students graduate from SEED we continue to invest in their development by providing career services guidance and internship placement support.  

This summer, many of our alumni are do exciting things around the world.  Recently, we caught up with three - Remy Ndiaye, Serigne Mboup, and Baye Samba Fall - to see what they were up to this summer.

Baye Samba Fall 

SEED Academy  '12, SUNY Brockport '17

Summer Analyst, JP MORGAN CHASE

I recall heading to 28 Liberty Street, the NY Offices of JP Morgan, for my first day at my summer internship the same way I remember coming to the United States six years ago; I was anxious, excited, and felt unseemly out of place, as if I didn’t deserve to be there. Growing up in Senegal, people don’t frequently have the chance to intern on Wall Street, let alone a major firm like JP Morgan.
From the very first day with JP Morgan, I was embraced as a member of the team and legitimately expected to make a contribution. I immediately hit the ground running June 3rd, working on high-level material for senior management. As an Accounting and Finance Major at SUNY Brockport, this experience is helping me diversify my skill  sets and preparing me for my future.
This internship may not have been possible without the incredible help and mentoring from Todd Burach, a SEED professional board member. From the time we connected in January 2015 through the SEED Professional Mentoring Program, Todd went above and beyond to help me secure an internship on Wall Street. From resume and cover letter writing to tips on interview etiquette, his advice played a crucial role in me securing this internship.
As I’m nearing the end of my internship, I am really excited about my future. I’m very optimistic about possible full-time opportunities in this field after I graduate. Through your support, other SEED alumni will have the opportunity to improve their skill sets and give back to the organization.

Remy Ndiaye & Serigne Mboup

Serigne Mboup (Left) and Remy Ndiaye (Right) at the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas

Serigne Mboup

SEED Academy '12, Austin Peay University '15, Union College MBA '16

Summer League Internship, NBA

In last year's summer league, I was a beginner in the environment, meaning that I didn't have many responsibilities. However this year, I had to manage different stations and overview activities happening in the concourse such as selling programs and fan combines among other things. I had to make sure everything worked well and that people rotated in the right spots at the right time. 
It has been an amazing experience because I am in a job where communication is key in order for activities to run smoothly. It is very important to have good timing. I work with many people from different backgrounds and I am accumulating key knowledge on how to interact with people - their potential likes and dislikes at first sight.
I also learned a lot of information regarding how to do business and how to negotiate depending on the advantages and disadvantages that are present. One responsibility was to take care of the VIP's. A very important aspect that I learned is that you have to make people feel special since they are paying customers. You have to learn their body language in order to adapt to their needs and wants.

Remy Ndiaye

SEED Academy '10, Dallas Baptist University '14, MBA '16

Summer League Internship, NBA 

This year I interned at the 2016 NBA Summer League and learned a lot. I learned a lot about event management, an area I previously didn't have much experience in.  I also really took away the importance of communication.  My bosses expected me to not only share my ideas with them, but my point of view was taken seriously.  And it taught me about how to be passionate about your job, while also remaining under control - I had to show passion in what I was doing, as well as manage unforeseen obstacles on any given night.
The internship also gave me a chance to share my background and journey with high-level business people. It expanded my network significantly and my conversations were taken even more seriously because of the respect people have for SEED alumnus. 
Overall, I am thankful and grateful that SEED teammate, Serigne Mboup, opened the door for me after interning at the NBA Summer League last summer, and I hope that I too can open the door for SEED kids down the line. Serigne’s support perfectly demonstrates the SEED motto: ‘Grow as a Family.'


Senegal Men's National Team x Olympic Qualifying Tournament

SEED Alumni, Cheikh Mbodj (Cincinnati '14) and Thierno Niang (Milwaukee '14), were again well represented on the Senegal Men's National Team when they participated in the 2016 Olympic Qualifying Tournament in the Philippines (July 5-10).  Cheikh Mbodj (pictured above) and Thierno Niang both had strong efforts in losses to Canada and Turkey.  Senegal was eliminated from the tournament, but the future remains bright as Senegalese student-athletes continue to have success around the world.